Marketing Manager Monique Rodrigues

Consummate professional marketing manager by day, fanatical consumer of all things reality TV by night, Monique is someone who likes to keep those two parts of her life separate. So we promised we wouldn’t merge them by talking about her reality TV obsession here. 

As our Marketing Manager, Monique is the voice of the TRC Group.  With a Bachelor degree in communications and 11 years experience marketing within the recruitment and consulting industries, Monique has genuinely got talent. 

Social media is her first love. Eyes land on her posts and instantly see that she has something special to say. Viewers of her posts see that they are amazing, race to click and inevitably end up engaging.  Luckily for us we have this industry survivor promoting TRC and helping us to wipeout our competition.  In the dragons den that is recruitment marketing Monique is no apprentice.  Its never a simple life for a marketer of her calibre, but Monique manages the multitude of tasks like a master chef in a kitchen.  

So here is Monique, the amazing person driving the TRC Group brand.  Luckily we didn’t mention her reality TV, but just in case anything slips through we’ll bake off now.