Sales Associate Max Fowler

With a year in the recruitment ring, Max is ready to pack a punch and paint the town blue with his unbeatable sales skills.

But let’s talk about Max’s adventures outside the office. When he's not closing deals, you can find him lacing up his gloves for a bout in the boxing ring. His passion for the sweet science of boxing is matched only by his love for travel, music, keeping fit and eating chocolate!

Now we promised we wouldn’t mention this but Max has a knack for adding a splash of colour to any situation. Who could forget the time he donned a smurf costume for a volunteer farm day, only to find himself stuck in a blue-hued world for a week? He did eventually manage to get the blue paint off his skin, in case you were wondering, but he did earn himself the nickname "Papa Smurf" around the office in the process!

With Max on board, we’re not just punching above our weight – we’re knocking it out of the park! So, if you’re ready to take your recruitment game to the next level, don’t hesitate to give Max a call.