Your recruitment process outsourced

Why outsourcing your recruitment processes could work for you

Imagine if you had the flexibility of being able to outsource your recruitment function to Australia’s most innovative recruitment agency, of having your workplace represented by a recruitment agency who have, themselves, been ranked as Australia’s #1 small business workplace. Imagine having a dedicated Account Manager to help you formulate a market leading recruitment strategy to bring your unique employee value proposition to market. And on top of that, imagine having a predictable monthly spend that is less than a third of your normal recruitment cost AND a flexible smorgasbord of innovative solutions to pick from.

Well now you can have all this… and more.

How Does It Work?

The Outsourced Recruitment Company’s Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) solution allows you to mix things up however you like. We can work in partnership with your Talent Acquisition Team or we can BE your Talent Acquisition Team. You decide.

You set your expected volume of recruitment and we sit down with you to design a solution that works for your business.  We either operate as an arm of your recruitment function or we become your recruitment function, managing permanent and contract recruitment, running contractor payroll services, managing your panel of recruiters and providing comprehensive reporting to stakeholders and managers. 

An Agile approach

Our preferred approach to running an RPO is to utilise an Agile approach, utilising sprints, story points and velocity to optimise activity, minimise disruption and provide maximum flexibility. We provide tools to manage recruitment activity that provide complete visibility and meaningful reporting.  Utilising an Agile approach means that our solution can be up and running within days, not months. Your team can be as involved in or as detached from this process as you like.

What’s included?

Your business is unique and the solution that works for you will be just as unique. We design a solution that incorporates not only high quality recruitment but also as many of the following elements as you want. You pick which ones you want and we bring them to market for you, it's as simple as that.

Skill testing

We offer free skill testing for a range of role type. Compare all candidates using the same criteria. We can administer any of your existing tests, build new ones or find ones that meet your needs.

Video Recruitment toolkit

Differentiate yourself from the crowd with free access to our award-winning Video Recruitment Toolkit suite. Valued at $6000. Click here to read how we can use this tool to build your brand.

Account management / HRaaS

We allocate you an experienced Account Manager who is on call to help with issues, coordinate activity and design solutions to suit your needs. We can provide HR support and advisory services as well. Our team will be a genuine recruitment partner.


We can manage the payroll of your team and contractors (extra cost may apply depending on size and frequency).

Recruitment portal software

Gain free access to the amazing Recruit Wizard portal. Offering visibility of your entire process & workflow, providing a superior applicant experience. Click here to see why the applicant experience matters to your bottom line.

EAI reporting

Employee attachment inventory reporting and consulting for permanent hires, is an amazing tool from SorcHQ (normally valued at $500+ per report but free to our RPO clients) to reduces staff churn.

Induction process outsourcing

Let us run your on-boarding or design one that differentiates you. We can deliver the experience you want to get employees excited as soon as they start. From automating workflows and forms to building engaging content, let us help you build the first impression you want.

Full recruitment, all roles

Our team can service ALL your recruitment needs. We employ great people and deliver equally great candidates. Read any of our 500+ reviews.

Agency management

Let us manage, find, replace, and work with your agency suppliers. With one point of contact, one invoice and a consistent message to market, The Recruitment Company’s RPO solution saves you time whilst optimising your market exposure.

Recruitment strategy

We work with you to develop a compelling Employee Value Proposition (EVP) to take to market, and develop a recruitment strategy aligning with your organisational strategy.

Process / interview design

We can work within your existing processes or can help you design and develop new ones to ensure candidates experience a thorough, consistent and engaging interview experience. These processes can be designed for face to face, virtual or hybrid recruitment processes. We provide training to managers in different interview styles.

Resource library

Access a range of documents, policies, contracts, & other recruitment materials, including interview training, webinars & 1 on 1 coaching.

What does it cost?

Recruitment Process Outsourcing isn’t priced the same as standard recruitment. Rather than a ‘per hire’ fee, RPO is priced on a regular monthly subscription basis (minimum 6 months) based on the projected amount of hires and the approximate average salary of those hires.

What will be the approx. number of hires you plan for over the next 12 months?

Simply drag the sliders below to get an approximate price range. Then click on the “get a quote” button and someone will be in touch to give you a more accurate quote, specific to your needs.

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How do I get started?

Getting started is simple. Just fill in the forms below to send us a message. One of our consultants will be in touch to get a bit more information to give you a no obligation quote.

We’ll find out about what it is you’re trying to achieve and will put together a proposed solution and more accurate quote.

Your business is amazing, our RPO solution is amazing, imagine what they could achieve, combined.

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